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Krasney Kod

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Kevin написал(а):

Damn! Let's hope CSLA will be able to replace that type of unfinished works

Аминь  )))))



Kevin написал(а):

Oh :-/ Anybody knows its author?


The author is the Original Topic creator which is myself.

In regards to Code Red it was limited during it's development. There was the work-around with the Blitzkrieg Map-Editor and the Blitzkrieg Resource Editor however while the TDA/CMC engine was somewhat advanced it was also limited in that it lacked the necessary Resource Editor and the Map Editor. In addition the market share of TDA/CMC was significantly smaller than that of Blitzkrieg (even in it's current Vanilla state). Code Red served as a transitionary point for Blitzkrieg 1989 (and CSLA 1.2 earlier Open-Source releases).

In reality Code Red served as a Proof of Concept and a Transitionary development work that was never intended to be based on the TDA/CMC Engine Modification of 2005. However I will not disclose many details but I will state the following as it still abides by NDA: Certain units and models that were employed and showcased for Code Red will see a re-appearence in Blitzkrieg 2013. However they will be completely re-worked except for the model. That means new animations , new skins , new locators and new xml characteristics in the Resource Editor.


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