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Languages support

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Hi everyone

I'm new here . So far as I knew ; Blitzkrieg was only supported English ; German ; Russian . It needs a tfd file in font folder

So ; how to enable another languages ? Like French ; Vietnamese ... I tried to save the text file as Unicode ; but in game it still a line of squares

I'm sorry if there was a thread about it ; or this thread was on wrong topic . Basically ; I don't know Russian .

Thank you



If you want, i can give you tfd-file only for russian language, some my friends from China can give you chinese.
If you need tfd for another language, you should ask on another forum.
As i know, nobody here tried to edit tfd-file.



Thank you Fasya !

A little curious about the Chinese tfd-file . They developed a tfd file by themselves or it was made by Nival ?
I think english was for a international version ; and there were two specific one for Russia and Germany .


Вы здесь » Союз | Union » News and comments » Languages support