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GZM-7 English Translation

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For those looking for an English translation for the mod, check the following:

1."Manual" English translation for most of the USSR campaign (GZM v 7.50):

2.A comprehensive translation of the mod. A good auto-translator has been used, and more of the mod files are being translated. All missions/descriptions have been auto translated.

NOTE: You can combine these translations into 1 file by downloading all the files, opening all the PAK files with WinRAR, and unpacking the contents of these into the file GZMV70Omega_en. Then you only need to insert this one comprehensive file into your game folder. ;)

I will try to do the above myself in a little while, and posting the comprehensive file here, but bear in mind that this will have to be updated as more units and objects are translated. ;)



Here is a compilation of the latest available GZM 7 English translations. Most of the USSR campaign is translated to GZM 7.5.
Place the file in your game's Data folder, along with the other GZM-7 files.
Made by  Folgore and Ocelo.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rv3jc9we1kzfqoa
Last updated: March 17, 2011.

If there are any issues, it is very important that you let either of us know.





Вы здесь » Союз | Union » News and comments » GZM-7 English Translation